This color Master Batch is used for electric wire and cable, tele-communication cable
(Solid and Foamed PE cable), injection molding(House hold articles, Toy, Medical Items),
various Flim(shopping bag, industrial package and agriculture Film), and extrusion Tape(Tape, flat yarm)


(1)Pigment is highly dispersed and pin hole phenomenon of skin layer will never come out.
(2)This color has an excellent weather, heat resistance and keeps up the mechanical strength of HDPE,     LDPE
(3)This color gives good long-term productivity of extrusion and injection molding.
    This color gives smooth and glossy surface of the wire and other plastic products.
(4)This color Master Batch highly concentrated is used 1-2%
    (Black color 1%, other color 2%, only white 4%)
(5)Color notation, weather, heat resistance is bright and excellent results as next page,
    but color can be matched to your sample presented.
(6)Melt flow index and electric properties is good results as next page, but this properties can be     matched to your plastic resin used now.


A core wire can not be coated with general grade color master batch more then 70km length at one time of screen pack changing and dies cleaning because the coated surface becomes rough and defective.
This master batch gives smooth and glossy surface of the wire still after coating over 400Km length.

sample image


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